Dome Productions
Pacifc & Atlantic Mobiles

When Dome Productions announced the launch of two new mobiles this fall, Unity Systems Integration was called on to construct and implement PACIFIC, which launched in early September 2012 and the second unit, ATLANTIC, which launched in early October 2012. Both mobiles featured the same layout as Dome’s previous mobiles and were equipped in similar fashion although with some technology enhancements. Both new builds will feature an infrastructure that will support the production of the 1080P (3G) signal origination, recording and transmission. While in previous projects we were able to feature certain components as having 1080P (3G) capability, the two new trucks will be fully capable of supporting the distribution of all of the devices that can deliver a 1080P (3G) signal.

UnitySI was contracted to provide detailed documentation, installation and test and commissioning services.

By leveraging its experienced installation team and state of the art in-house cable assembly operation, the team was able to install, test and commission in 90 days, giving Dome a maximum return on its investment.

Dome Productions Preps for Arrival of Live 4K Sports in Canada

Dome Productions’ Unite Is MLB International’s IBC at World Series

See the new Dome Unite mobile up close

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