Dome Productions
UHD3 Trillium Mobile

Dome Production’s most popular mobile broadcast trailer has had many facelifts over the years as technology improves and new methods of capturing live sports are brought to the market.  After undergoing a major upgrade in 2016 so that it could be used to shoot 4K video, Trillium once again went under the knife in 2018.  Using the same infrastructure and designs that were used on Vista (UHD2), Trillium was retrofit and re-launched as UHD3 in 2018.

Unity Systems Integration has been involved every step of the way, providing Engineering design, project management and installation services for each of these upgrades.  Here are some highlights of the newest iteration of the Trillium Mobile (UHD3):

  • Launched May 25th, 2018
  • Built in an existing full length Expando trailer that was refurbished and upgraded
  • Designed around a complete 4K UHD HDR workflow
  • Based on Vista design but with standard camera/replay counts
  • Utilizes 2SI image format and launched with latest GV switcher hardware
  • Can handle any format from HD to 3G HDR and UHD HDR
  • Added multiple p to i conversion paths for monitoring and distribution when operating in 3G or 4K UHD mode
  • Extensive use of MADI for audio workflows
  • Increased use of audio networking
  • Increased use of fiber for video transport (2% compared to total coax)
  • Network connections are 6.5% of cabling compared to coax
  • UnitySI was involved from inception, providing technical design recommendations and CAD drawings for the trailer refurbishment
  • While the trailer was being upgraded UnitySI modified the existing Vista design to accommodate the revamped Trillium floor plan
  • UnitySI recently completed an audio upgrade to enable Dolby Atmos®

More info on Dome Trillium Here

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