Dome Productions
UHD4 Silver Mobile

While the need for UHD quality programming may have plateaued in 2018 for the general public, however the amount of Live Sporting events shot in 4K continues to increase. In 2018 all major sporting events were available in 4K UHD, including the 2018 Winter Olympics; the World Cup; the Superbowl; Wimbledon; and now the 2018/2019 NBA and NHL playoffs. With this need for more 4K content Dome Productions continues to build and convert their mobile broadcast trailers to UHD. Their latest UHD capable trailer, Silver, was released early in 2019 and now give Canada’s leading mobile production company a 4th trailer for creating this content.

  • Launched February 12th, 2019
  • Rebuilt in a new chassis of a damaged mobile that needed to be retired
  • New wiring based on the trillium 4k design
  • Required an accelerated schedule to replace the damaged mobile
  • Will function as a HD/3G mobile at first until new UHD equipment is purchased
  • UnitySI provided design and technical support to facilitate the integration of the older HD equipment into the UHD wiring flow
  • UnitySI provided documentation and integration labour required to meet a short project timeline

More info on Dome Silver Here

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