Dome Productions
UHD2 Vista Mobile

Dome Productions tested the UHD market in 2016 by converting an existing HD broadcast trailer along with its 50ft support trailer into a hybrid HD/UHD production unit.  The clients quickly jumped on board with Rogers and Bell both committing heavily to live UHD sports broadcasts.  The Blue Jays alone started broadcasting each home game in 4K UHD in 2016, with Dome Productions providing the content.  They quickly released their first single UHD trailer later that year, Pioneer UHD1.  Vista is Dome’s second UHD trailer based on the Pioneer design that Unity Systems Integration developed in partnership with Dome Productions.

Here are some highlights of the Vista Mobile (UHD2):

UnitySI was contracted to provide detailed documentation, installation and test and commissioning services.

• Launched July 30th, 2017
• Most powerful 4K production truck in the dome fleet
• Designed around a complete 4K UHD HDR workflow
• Increased camera and replay equipment wiring to support extra large shows
• First to utilize 2si image format (UHD1 pioneer was SQD)
• Can handle any format from HD to 3G HDR and UHD HDR
• Extensive use of MADI for audio workflows
• Increased use of audio networking
• Increased use of fiber for video transport (still only 1.5% compared to coax)
• Network connections are 6% of cabling compared to coax
• Analog audio count/connections slightly reduced with AES & MADI increase
• UnitySI worked with dome from concept to completion, launch and beyond
• At concept stage UnitySI assisted with technology research and provided the RFP document that was sent to equipment vendors
• UnitySI recently completed a video switcher upgrade to the latest GV hardware and audio upgrade to enable Dolby Atmos®

More info on Dome Vista Here

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