In 2014, Disney made a huge investment into the social media field by acquiring the largest video contributor to YouTube, Maker Studios.

“Located near the heart of Los Angeles, the offices of Maker Studios are a full-fledged production house, making the latest parody videos, talk shows, and cartoons that their fans love.”
Business Insider

In 2016, Unity Systems Integration was engaged by Disney to provide design and integration services as Maker studios looked to upgrade their production control and studio space for future generations.  With a great project history at ESPN, UnitySI was uniquely qualified to lead Maker studios along this path.

The overall design was to build a ‘future ready’ 6G, single-link UHD (4K) production system.  This system consists of equipment capable of differing degrees of compliance with as-of-yet non-standardized UHD/4K.  Some equipment offers native 12G single link IO, while other equipment and infrastructure may not be officially 12G compliant (specifically video patchfields and associated components). However, Maker Studios decided to leverage current single-link equipment and technology as much as possible to provide a full UHD production chain. Those components that were not compliant at the time of the build would be replaced when the suitable equipment technology was available.

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