Rogers National Media Operations Centre

In 2018 Rogers Media took a groundbreaking step into the world of IP video routing when they launched their National Media Operations Centre (NMOC).  This state-of-the-art facility is comprised of a 5 row semi-circular Master Control and Network Operations facility as well as two supporting equipment rooms.

Everything in the new facility is tied together by a SMPTE 2110 IP routing infrastructure provided by Imagine Communications.  All  of Rogers’ existing SDI based facilities have been integrated into the new facility using Imagine’s SDI to IP gateway device, the SNP (Selenio Network Processor), a 100G connected device that converts up to 32 bi-directional HD-SDI video signals into uncompressed IP Video.  This video is “routed” using Imagine’s SDNO and displayed on monitors all across the building using a 2110 IP gateway device from Embrionix.

To handle this large-scale IP broadcast datacenter deployment, Rogers selected Unity Systems Integration to provide Consulting, Engineering, Installation and Commissioning services.  The NMOC facility consists of over 40 MCR pods; Network health and monitoring; satellite reception, monitoring and distribution; live video and file ingest and numerous edit suites.  It’s supporting equipment rooms as well as other departments across the Rogers campus that feed content into the NMOC are connected by over 1000 redundant, high-density fiber trunks.  Arista based switch networks utilize non-blocking spine and leaf topologies to provide high-bandwidth video delivery as well as file transfer, control communications and management.

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