TVOntario is one of many Canadian broadcasters who have taken major steps toward the future of the industry when they upgraded their production control room to include a SMPTE 2110 IP Video routing system in 2018.   Working with Unity Systems Integration and Rocket, TVO made the decision to upgrade their Davis Studio baseband production switcher with the Ross Acuity and took it one step further by implementing a state-of-the art routing system to support the switcher IO.  The new Ross switcher is 3G baseband, native and connected to the IP core via Ross Raptor gateway cards.  The IP core features an innovative design which utilizes a non-blocking spine and leaf network infrastructure provided by dual Arista 7280CR2A switches at the Spine and Arista 7280SR2A Leaf switches loaded with Embrionix 3G-SDI SFPs.  This design pushes IP to SDI gateway right back to the switch, allowing for more flexibility, cost savings and reduces space requirements.  By integrating the Lawo VSM control system into the 2110 environment, they were able to reduce the impact to the operators.  UnitySI supplied system design, installation and commissioning services for this project.

Highlights of the TVO SMPTE 2110 IP Control Room Project:

· Dual Arista 7280CR2A-30 Spine switches

· Arista 7280SR2A-48 Leaf switches

· Embrionix EB22HDRT-LM-0514 SDI-IP Encapsulators SFP

· Embrionix EB22HDRT-LM-0516 IP-SDI De-encapsulator SFP

· Dual redundant Meinberg Master Clocks for PTP

· Lawo VSM Control system

· Lawo LBP16e—16 button programmable control panels

· Lawo VSM soft panel control

· Ross Acuity 8 RU Frame with Acuity 4 Control Panel

· Ross Raptor RPTR-IPG gateway cards

· MTP8 SR4 100Gbps Fiber trunking and breakout infrastructure to tie the control room and studio into the 2 supporting equipment rooms

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