From production to the transmission, Unity Systems Integration has played a significant role in each Canadian NHL game that goes to air on a given night.

UnitySI has integrated each Dome Productions mobile that is responsible for broadcasting NHL games in Canada. Those signals are then either brought into Rogers via the newly built Roger Advanced Media Platform (RAMP), which UnitySI helped launch in the summer of 2018, or, in the case of 4K NHL games, they are transmitted directly to Rogers OMP and received by the Rogers SN 4K MCR (also designed and built by UnitySI).

Another aspect of the broadcast that UnitySI has enjoyed being a part of is the behind-the-scenes activity at NHL headquarters in Toronto, ON. UnitySI has been working with the NHL for years as their preferred Integration firm. One such project was the NHL’s Situation Room, which makes the final decision on all officiating reviews across the league.

Here is an article detailing some of what goes on behind-the-scenes:

Also a video from Fox Sports on the operations at NHL HQ:

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